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Concrete Flooring Polishing in Atlanta For Your Home

Concrete floor polishing in Atlanta is just one part of making your home beautiful when you want to finish off your garage, basement, or you want to use modern flooring concepts in certain rooms. You could make a polished concrete floor Atlanta look modern, or you could make your garage and basement look much prettier than they have ever seemed in the past. Look at your options when it is time to upgrade your flooring certain areas of the house.

concrete floor polishing in atlanta

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Career Choice: HVAC Repair on Long Island

You want to become a technician in HVAC repair on Long Island, but how do you do that? If you’re interested in embarking on a career path in the heating and cooling industry, then you may already be aware that the work can be rewarding, challenging, and pay well. What you may not know, is how to go about becoming a qualified technician, how long it will take, and what opportunity there is for job growth.

The good news is that its within your reach!


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This Guy’s Sunday

This was one of this guy’s last Sunday’s; what a wonderful day.


Sundays can be a stressful day for me; I have to worry about doing everything right for my amazing wife. I am so thankful I am married to her; she is my joy and I become alive around her. If we are in a hurry, I have to be careful not to offend her or be slow.

It started off with dragging myself out of bed and taking a quick shower. I went through my usual routine of eating, chugging coffee (so I can stop being a grumpy non-morning person), and singing silly songs to relieve stress. I needed to relieve stress because my wife got dismayed about us not going out to eat enough and not having enough time to eat breakfast. I was in a good mood again, but my wife got impatient and upset since she was late. I always consider it my fault if I’m late; even if I’m waiting for my wife. My wife got upset because I didn’t tell her what time it was. I then sarcastically said that I knew she could tell time. I honestly thought that she was watching the time. This was the start to my wonderful day.

I admit I’m a sensitive guy; I’m most sensitive to the one person in my life on earth that is closest to me. That I commit hours on end to serving, loving, and protecting. I do my best to listen and work through everything. I always try to be kind and caring. I realize I am not perfect and my wife is not perfect.

I’m not the most social guy; I’m most social to those around me that I can trust enough to converse with. If I don’t trust them and are not familiar with those around me, I become reserved, quiet, and meek.

I’m not the most witty guy; I take time to think and time to respond. I need time since I don’t have much to say or comment one. When people like my wife can talk non-stop for an hour; I can sit still and not do anything for an hour. I of course have so much to do though with a family, a house, and a job.

Anyways, the time at church was alright; except for the times that my wife treated me like a kid. I’m not sure if she realized when or if she treats me like her son; scowling and demanding an immediate response or action. I want to respond and do what she wants; I don’t want her to get mad at me and diminish me in public. She doesn’t realize how often she tells me I do something wrong and how often she does the same things. Here is an example. Today after church there was a potluck; she enjoys potlucks and talking to people(I dread potlucks and talking to people.) She literally talked to people the whole time. I spend some time listening, I spent some time watching the array of kids, I spent some time on my phone. I was sitting next to her on my phone for a couple minutes. She noticed that our kid was not around anymore. She got upset and questioned why I was on my phone and why I didn’t know where our kid was. If we both share the same responsibility, why did I bear all the burden?

It drives me crazy that she gets upset when I am slow, but she is slow a lot more than me. I want to tell her what drives me crazy, but I cannot. If I tell her she will probably get mad and offended at the notion of me talking about something she does wrong.

What can a faithful husband do but pray to God for a better attitude and less stress. I then proceed to lessen stress by exercise, or singing in a silly voice. Lately I have been singing in a silly voice. I cannot seem to get away to exercise because she then might feel that I’m secluding myself from her.

What can a faithful husband do to stay sane and faithful? I can keep going, keep praying, keep loving. I do what I can to get through each day. Even though I feel trapped some days, I muster enough strength to get through it.

My final thoughts of this wonderful Sunday is what I got to do. I was able to be around people who were actually having a good day. I was privileged to hear my son laugh a thousand times. I felt the warm embrace of my God and my wife.

This was one random guy’s Sunday; it was a wonderful day…..